Bubble & Rise – bubble for the sourdough,
rise because it’s what bread does.

Welcome to Bubble & Rise, a bakery located in the kitchen of a homestead in the woods of northeastern Maine. We believe everyone deserves good food, especially good bread, at an affordable price.

Flour, water, salt, yeast. That’s basic bread. Unpretentious. Nourishing. For me, soul food. A thick slice of still-warm, hearty bread with a little locally made butter feeds my soul. It’s comfort food. It’s memories of childhood, standing beside Nana as she mixed the four, water, salt and yeast in a bowl, rolled it out onto the kneading board that pulled out from under the counter top, and kneaded until the dough felt right. Bread, a storm staple.

I’m Robin, the bread maker and the baker at Bubble & Rise. Cooking is one of my passions. I’m Chef Robin on Big Wild Radio. I create the recipes for my segment called On The Fire. Real food prepared with whole ingredients, some of them grown or wild harvested here on our homestead in Maine. Welcome to my kitchen.