There’s nothing like fresh bread so when you place an order with Bubble & Rise you can be sure your bread will be shipped the same day or day after the weekly order deadline. Orders for Tuesday and Wednesday shipments must be placed by Sunday night. (We’re closed on weekends so baking doesn’t start until Monday morning.)

All loaves are $5.50 unless otherwise noted. Baked in a kitchen where peanuts and eggs are common.

Rustic Loaves

Rustic loaves weigh 1.5 to 2 pounds and are made with commercial yeast. They’re great for sandwiches and toast, or sliced to eat as is, buttered, or to sop up the broth from your soup. All of these breads are suitable for Panini and other grilled sandwiches.

Homestead White

Hearty old fashioned white bread with a nice crumb. This all-purpose bread that turns a sandwich into a filling meal.


Crusty on the outside, soft inside, long and slender – the Baguette is perfect toasted for the top of a bowl of French Onion Soup, for Crustini, as a sub roll, and even French toast. These loaves weigh about three-quarters of a pound.

Whole Grain Whole Wheat

The hard red wheat berries used in this loaf are ground the morning the bread is made. This is a nice sandwich bread with a small crumb and soft texture. Toasts well, especially on a hot cast iron pan.

Seeded Whole Grain Whole Wheat – $7.00

I start with fresh ground red wheat and add my custom seed blend of sunflower, sesame, chia and flax seeds. This bread toasts well and is a little more filling at breakfast time than the Whole Grain Whole Wheat because of the seeds.

This loaf is more expensive because of the ingredients. Whole milk replaces water, and each loaf has three-quarters of a cup of seeds.

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Custom Seed Blend

We mix our custom seed blend ourselves to be sure we get the ratios we like best. Sunflower, sesame, chia and flax seeds.

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Pesto Bread – $6.00

Multi-purpose. Does that really fit a bread? We think so. This Pesto loaf is excellent grilled cheese, with spaghetti or lasagna, and soup or stew. How about a tuna melt. You can cut down on the fat in your grilled cheese but turning it into Panini.
*White flour, water, pesto (basil, olive oil, Parmesan cheese, pine nuts), salt, yeast.


Our rye bread is made with sourdough but isn’t a traditional sourdough loaf. Sourdough starter works with the yeast, keeps the loaf fresh a bit longer, and provides a richer flavor.

Seeded Rye

Rye with caraway seeds.


Fresh ground oatmeal makes up part of the flour in this hearty loaf. Great for sandwiches and toast as well as sopping up the last of your soup and stew. Plan ahead for French toast by slicing the night before and leaving uncovered to dry. The bread will absorb the milk and egg mixture to make a rich slice of French toast.